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Walking for change – Join us in supporting Elaine’s 28 miles in 28 days for the MS Society

Posted on February 20 2021

Elaine Lennon, a valued member of the accounts team at Omnia, is taking part in Challenge 28 to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis this February.

Challenge 28 is an MS Society initiative encouraging participants to walk, run or cycle each day during February to raise funds for research and support for those living with or affected by MS.

A sufferer herself, Elaine is committed to seeing the challenge through and has been thrilled with the support from her friends, family, colleagues and the wider community to-date. “We are all aware of the current environment with the focus on bringing an end to COVID-19 and the restrictions and interruptions it has bought to our lives,” said Elaine. “The vaccine rollout has proven what we can achieve in ending suffering and illness. My hope is that I can make a difference by raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and highlight the importance of continuing to support desperately needed research and care for causes that aren’t on the news every night at the moment. Long after the battle with COVID is won, the effort to find a cure for MS will carry-on. I know that one day no-one will have to live with MS – we’ve proven what we can do. This is my way of trying to ensure that the good fight can be fought”.

Elaine bares the cold as she gets her daily walk in earlier this February

Elaine is well on-track to meet her goal of walking each day this February and is hopeful of exceeding her initial targets for both miles walked and fundraising. Elaine’s efforts were acknowledged by Omnia Managing Director Joanne Race, “Omnia is fiercely proud of Elaine’s efforts and commitment. She has the entire teams support and admiration. We are committed to the development of an inclusive society and to maintaining a workplace where our team is encouraged to share and celebrate each others contributions to community.

Elaine’s ‘justgiving’ page has already received over £200 in donations and is available here should you wish to donate or send a message of support.

Go Elaine!

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